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Imagine experiencing your life in the abundance of all you have dreamed. You are not overcome by your emotions, your pain from the past, or your striving for future success, but are living daily out of the passion inside your heart, alive in the promises of God. 


Immersed was written out of the authentic life encounters of revelation and transformation. It is an invitation to intimacy with Holy Spirit and a discovery of practical tools for remaining connected every day. You will be empowered to live the life you have only imagined as you experience Him. 


Let Holy Spirit be the compass to your success as you journey into daily encounters with Him.


At the age of 5, I was sitting in the living room with my mom, sister, and brother. Mom had just read from the Bible and began to sing. She then asked if we would like to receive Jesus into our hearts. As I said yes to the invitation, tears started rolling down my face and wouldn’t stop! I went to bed crying that night.

Though I did not have understanding, the Holy Spirit was moving on my heart, even as a little girl. Over the years, I continued to cry when I felt His presence. One day I was singing a solo in a Sunday morning service and had to stop because I was overwhelmed with tears. Although it was a profound moment, I felt very embarrassed and, out of ignorance, vowed I would never cry in front of people again. I did not know that I was rejecting the presence of Holy Spirit in my life. I am thankful that Holy Spirit understood me and though I rejected Him, He was still with me longing to heal and restore my heart. Over time I came to the revelation that when Holy Spirit touches my heart, I respond in tears, and that was OK. Though there is much more of the Holy Spirit I have yet to experience, I have a better understanding of how He speaks to me and through me. Everyday I am learning to recognize the sound of His voice and feel His presence in ways I never knew before. Maybe you were like me: you had an experience of Holy Spirit, but you had no understanding so you rejected Him, yet you still wonder if there is something you are missing. Maybe you have become so attuned to the voices around you, or the demands you feel that it is difficult to distinguish His voice from the chaos - and you long to find.

His voice in the confusion. Maybe you have never experienced Holy Spirit and you even His voice in the confusion. Maybe you have never experienced Holy Spirit and you even question if he is real, but you are open to finding the truth. Or maybe, you just want more, to know and experience Him more, and to live in His presence every hour of every day.

Then IMMERSED is for you!

Wherever you are in your relationship with Holy Spirit, I challenge you to go deeper. Take this journey to cultivate His presence in every moment of the day. As you read, take time to stop and meditate on the Word. Sit a while, don’t rush, let Him speak to you. If you find you need more than one  day on a devotional then spend two or three days so your mind, body, and soul experience a deep encounter with the Spirit of Truth. AS you make Him first place in your life, distractions and weights will lift off. 

You will discover what you have been longing for and will hear the whispers of His heart pulling you into new realms of heaven you have never seen before. This is the place where you experience the fulfillment of your passions and dreams He put inside you!

- Kiwanda Redner

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About The Author Kiwanda Redner

Kiwanda Redner is a prophetically called leader nationally and internationally. Her passion is to see Canada—and women around the world—fulfill their God-given destinies. She is a passionate pursuer of the presence of God, anointed in worship and gifted in the prophetic, writing and teaching. She loves to mentor and equip with practical tools to live out of the realm of the Spirit. Based out of Ottawa, Kiwanda is a wife and a mom of 4 grown children. Together with her husband Mark, they have led revival in the Ottawa region where thousands have come and experienced the tangible presence of God, resulting in countless miraculous healings and salvations.

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