Mark and Kiwanda Redner 


When Mark was in Bible College, he had a deep heart cry to KNOW God more. God responded to his desire and showed up!

One of the first experiences of healing came out of a moment when he looked around, trying to find his place as an assistant pastor in a church. He didn't have many opportunities to preach, so he wondered where he was meant to be. One day, Mark was praying for someone who was going to the hospital because her family could not help her with her depression, God spoke through Mark, and the woman was completely set free. She no longer had depression! 

God told Mark, "This is where I want you, setting the captives free!" From that point on, Mark took every opportunity to believe in faith for healing, and discovered a God who encounters with healing love!

Kiwanda grew up in a Christian home, seeing the Holy Spirit working in signs, wonders, and miracles, but she had fear and hesitation because God was expressed to her in "do's and dont's". So, she didn't let Him get too close. She later learned was religion, not relationship. So she didn't let Him get too close. 

BUT, as Mark began to desire God, his passion created a desire in Kiwanda too. Over time, God showed her that He is real, He is good, and that she could trust Him fully with her heart. 

Now, they both have a contagious passion for God’s presence, and a love to see every captive free. God has used them to ignite significant moves of the Holy Spirit where thousands have been saved and healed in every way—mind, body and spirit—so they can live the full expression of all God intended for their lives!

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